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Fat Tire 26 x 4.0 1 Unit/Pack

Fat Tire 26 x 4.0 1 Unit/Pack

Additional information

Item Diameter

26 Inches

Item Width

4 Inches



Bike Type

Fat Bike

  • ULTRAVERSE RESILIENCE: Crafted with top-tier rubber and fortified with advanced anti-puncture technology, the Knobby Fat Bike Tire (26×4.0 inch) is engineered to conquer the most challenging conditions without concern for frequent punctures or replacements. Navigate every riding surface with ease and confidence, ensuring a robust and reliable ride across all terrains.
  • PEERLESS ADAPTABILITY: The ULTRAVERSE 26 x 4.0 Front or Rear Fat Bike Tire transcends conventional biking boundaries, offering unparalleled versatility not only for mountain bikes but also electric bicycles, snowmobiles, and various other bike types. Catering to the needs of professional cyclists and weekend enthusiasts alike, our tire ensures you’re well-equipped for every journey, regardless of tubeless or with tube setup.
  • ULTRAVERSE: THE ALL-WEATHER CYCLING CHAMPION – Navigate with confidence on both street pavement and off-road muddy terrains with our Fat Bike Tires. Combining the robustness of a downhill/enduro bike tire with the smooth, adept handling of a street tire, its unique motorcycle herringbone pattern ensures a smooth and protective ride across various conditions.
  • ULTRAVERSE: PREMIUM SHOCK ABSORPTION FOR SMOOTH RIDING – Experience a ride like no other with the ULTRAVERSE 26×4.0 Fat Bike Tire, expertly designed to absorb shocks from uneven terrains, providing an unmatched level of comfort and smoothness in your journey, no matter the surface under your wheels.
  • ULTRAVERSE: EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Need assistance with installation or have questions? We’re here for you with a 2-year warranty also. Your smooth ride and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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