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Pedal Converter Black

Pedal Converter Black

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Maximum Height

30 Inches

Item Weight

0.15 lbs

  • Learning to skate can be a daunting experience, especially when you have no one there for assistance or teaching. With Ultraverse Roller Skates assistant mate your child doesn’t need to worry about falling and hurting themselves; this helper provides the extra boost of confidence and training children need so that they’re able to practice roller blade skating by themself
  • Our skater trainer is the perfect buddy for beginner skaters, as it provides them with a reliable and steady base and bar grip from which to practice their skills. With its 3-legged walker design, no longer will users worry about losing control of their roller skates: smooth movements can be achieved by synchronizing wheels in full harmony! And when needed – just grab those hand rails for extra safety
  • Your kids deserve the best outdoor and indoor training help! The roller skate trainer accessory, gift is crafted with superior steel size of 1 mm thickness, making it strong and durable enough to support up to 220lbs – perfect walking equipment to train fun-filled skating sessions throughout the year
  • Our skating assisting gear for kids, men and women is designed with ease and convenience in mind! With no tools required, the metal legs and wheels slotting into place takes only minutes – anyone can effortlessly assemble it. Enjoy a smooth installation process to get your young skater safely on their way!
  • Give your children an unforgettable experience with amazing roller skating equipment! We offer a range of roller skating assistants, designed to provide the perfect combination of height and color for each age group.Our skate assist balancer comes with 6 levels of height adjustment. You can select from 3 vibrant and awesome colors: blue, pink and turquoise

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